Balance Training for Women

Presented by

Lynn Patton, RN BSN
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

This program is designed for the relatively healthy older adult who wants to improve or maintain her current level of balance fitness.

Benefits include: increased ability to maintain balance in a variety of changing conditions, increased strength and flexibility, increased confidence, increased psychological well-being, and more....

Improvement in balance fitness is achieved by challenging positional stability in a variety of ways: basic balance work, balance activities using unstable or changing surfaces, with and without environmental manipulation, and functional exercise.

Strength and flexibility training, using portable user friendly equipment, augments the balance training component. More Information

This one-on-one program is personalized to your specific needs. Physician approval will be required before the program is put into practice.

Sessions are $35 in studio, and in-home sessions at the client's residence are available at $45 per session.

Please contact me for more information on session content; scheduling fees; or for an appointment to see the equipment and studio.

Home: 401-254-8869

Cell: 401-524-6233


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